my NEW “favorite-thing”

One of the NEW features of the Nikon D4 that I was REALLY looking forward to was the face-detection 3D tracking.

So once my D4 arrived, several months ago, I INSTANTLY took my camera (and husband) out to put it to the test!!!  I put on my 35mm 1.4 lens and asked John to run around the yard like a wild man and as you might guess … he did.  The image of  John was shot at 1.4.  The GREAT thing about this feature is that it is so quick to get to!!  I don’t even have to take the camera away from my eye or composition.

The focus-mode selector is on the lower left, by where the lens mounts and the other focusing adjustments are simply dialed in by using the main command dial (back dial) to get into AF C, THEN use the sub-command dial (front dial) for getting into the 3-D mode.   THIS feature has changed so many things for me and the approach I take on certain situations now.

HAPPY 3-D tracking to YOU!!!!

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