Another shooting in a movie theater

I recently had another shooting [assignment] in a movie theater!  THIS event was a premiere video showing for an exclusive group of people.

As you can see, it was DARK – so HERE is my shot the dark.  ; )  The whole reason I purchased THE Nikon D4!!!!

Image shot with my 14-24mm @14, f/2.8, shutter at 1/15 … and 10000 ISO.

HECK YES!!!!!!!

Family Feet

PERFECT ending to a recent lifestyle shoot we did.  Family Feet.

As we were walking back to the car, I saw THE place … right under a bridge.

Flashes of HOPE

Me and a group of my friends headed out to Meridian Texas to Camp John Marc to photograph a group of campers for Flashes of Hope.

We all had an AMAZING time while impacting lives.  We got to eat lunch with them and EVEN got a free camp T-Shirt.  ; )

Check out the FUN we had!!!

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Melt Your Heart

REALLY looking forward to the upcoming Flashes of Hope project this weekend.

THIS is the kind of stuff that will melt your heart.  To find out MORE check out OR join us on facebook.

“Photographing Every Child With Cancer Until Every Child Is Cured.”

WHO wants an easy $500????!!!??

Want a Christmas morning visit from Santa & a $500 mall gift card?

Stonebriar Centre invites shoppers to “LIKE” our Facebook page & VOTE on which suit Santa should wear by emailing your choice to (include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER & AGE). Program runs from October 22 – November 4, 2012.

Drawing will be held November 6

Santa can’t decide what to pack and he’s asking all his friends to help – shall he bring his traditional red coat with white furry trim and cuffs to wear with his red trousers, black boots and matching black belt? Or, shall he dress as he does when he’s in the workshop making toys and wear red knickers, red-white-and-green striped socks, a patterned shirt and red suspenders with fancy lamb’s wool closures?

For official rules click:

Shoppers who live outside the area have the option to donate the visit to a local charity or hospital!

Simply “vote” traditional OR workshop – it’s just THAT easy!

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sexy silhouette

We went WAY out to the country [Thistle Springs Ranch in Cleburne Texas] for a recent shoot.  It had stormed earlier that day, which gave us an A M A Z I N G sunset.

As we wrapped up the shoot at dusk, I turned to my assistant and saw THIS: “sexy silhouette”.

Could NOT resist taking her portrait – THX Erin for this stunning moment.

“daughter of commandment”

Photographed a Bat Mitzvah over the weekend and did you know that Bat Mitzvah literally means “daughter of commandment”?!  Further more, she is now morally and ethically responsible for her decisions and actions.

WOW, that is a tall order for a 13 year old.  A WILD time was had by all!!!

the BIG freeze

Had an AMAZING time at the AICP events this year.

The crowd-drawer THIS year was the BIG freeze.  Here is a FUN group of creative-types doing THEIR moment.

Check out this link: to see THEIR “freeze”.

my assistant yelled at my client

While recently on a photo-shoot, I was trying to get a certain “reaction” from my client … and it just wasn’t happening. : )

So I whispered something, to my assistant, to say to the client RIGHT BEFORE I started shooting again.

So my assistant yelled at my client “I FORGOT TO PUT ON ANY UNDERWEAR TODAY!!!!”

We got the shot!!!!  Names NOT included to protect the innocent. ; )

celebrate schools

I had the most AMAZING time today shooting an assignment for Stonebriar Centre in Frisco Texas.

The event was called Celebrate Schools.  Stonebriar Centre was hosting a weekend pep rally where area schools showcased their best, raised funds and awareness for their schools and celebrated the school/community partnership.

Check out the FUN we had!!!

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