WHO wants an easy $500????!!!??

Want a Christmas morning visit from Santa & a $500 mall gift card?

Stonebriar Centre invites shoppers to “LIKE” our Facebook page & VOTE on which suit Santa should wear by emailing your choice to stonebriaradmin@ggp.com (include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER & AGE). Program runs from October 22 – November 4, 2012.

Drawing will be held November 6

Santa can’t decide what to pack and he’s asking all his friends to help – shall he bring his traditional red coat with white furry trim and cuffs to wear with his red trousers, black boots and matching black belt? Or, shall he dress as he does when he’s in the workshop making toys and wear red knickers, red-white-and-green striped socks, a patterned shirt and red suspenders with fancy lamb’s wool closures?

For official rules click:http://www.stonebriarcentre.com/MallCoupons/stonebriarcentre_whatshouldsantawearrules11612.pdf

Shoppers who live outside the area have the option to donate the visit to a local charity or hospital!

Simply “vote” traditional OR workshop – it’s just THAT easy!

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