Dynamic Duo

Excited to be partnering with Cendera Funding & Ardent Creative on a REALLY COOL 2013 Campaign involving Life Style photography combined with video.

Will being using THIS Dynamic Duo to shoot these assignments – Nikon D4 + Nikon D600.

2013 is going to be EPIC.


Epic defined: [http://www.internetslang.com/EPIC-meaning-definition.asp]

The Meaning of EPIC

EPIC means “Extremely Awesome”



23 photos over 44 years

In 1968, over the Thanksgiving holidays, Rosemary gathered her family and said let’s go get family pictures taken.

They went to NorthPark Mall and had Olan Mills take their pictures.

So that day, they decided to start a family tradition of taking “family pictures” every ‘other’ year.

On 12.22.12, I had the privileged of being their photographer for #23 out of 44 years.  2 years ago, I was added to their tradition.

I have been so touched by this family’s dedication to a tradition.  WOW.




We set up at Man Bites Dog Studios and let the fun begin.



Then we decided on the “awkward” smiles.



And finally ended up with Darren “dominating” because we had to put him on an apple box to make all the heights work out.

Thankfully his shorts were hidden behind everybody.



We spent the rest of the afternoon having a blast with this FUN group of people … as YOU might imagine.



It’s a Mary Cake

We had a BLAST yesterday delivering “num-num’s” to my clients from ‘It’s a Mary Cake‘.

Mary is AMAZING and ALWAYS provides a ‘wow-factor’ for me when I call her for orders.

Everyone was so IMPRESSED and excited to receive them.  One look at the picture and YOU will see what I mean.  : )


2013 Promo Piece in the making

Here are behind the scenes pix of my 2013 promo piece in the making.

This is where I picked up the key for our location where we were shooting, welcome to Strawn Texas:



The entrance to the Robinson School House:



My crew:



JUST finished our shoot, my crew with THE talent:



Returning the key 2 hours later:


Looking forward to mailing  my 2013 Promo Piece January 1, 2013.

Help-Portrait 2012

Help-Portrait 2012 was an EPIC success today.


I wanted to blog/post 1 shot from each photographer of today’s event.

We had an absolute BLAST while blessing the entire “crew” at Christ’s Haven for Children in Keller Texas.

65 people were photographed today and we had a total of 60 photogs/videographers/volunteers.

We have added Fort Worth to THIS World Wide Movement of people taking pictures of people then giving them a print – its just that simple.


Erin E. Brown Images


1 down …

Got the 1 “IMPORTANT’ room (equipment room) finally organized today. 1 down the rest of the loft to go.  ; )


A long time dream of mine

It had been a long time dream of mine to do a photo-shoot HERE.



So we drove through the “OPEN” gate and headed down to the EXACTLY place I had been dreaming of for months.

We began our shoot and all was going well AND THEN my assistant said “I bet they lock the gates at dusk, just keep that in mind” & I said “ok, let me just start wrapping this up and THX for the heads-up.”


So when we drove up to the gate, we saw THIS.



We were STUCK inside my “dream location”. It was ‘touch & go’ to get OUT of there, because it was THEN that we saw signs like NO TRESPASSING, and other words like that …

We saw a VERY NARROW passage between a tree and a guard rail and with much prayer and perseverance we made it OUT.

We left with the shot we went in there for.  : )

Inspired by Giving

Jack, the owner of Accent Graphics, was inspired by giving to Help-Portrait.

We asked him to donate a 4’x10′ banner (a $325 value) to Help-Portrait, so he went to the website to learn more.  It inspired him to donate that  requested banner same day.  Plus, he immediately made a comparable banner to honor one of his long-time employees who recently passed away due to cancer.  At their company Christmas party they displayed the banner honoring Cande (Candelaria) with his picture and other sentiments.  December has truly started off as a time of giving and gratitude!

A HUGE THANKS to Jack of Accent Graphics, Dave Goulette, Dani Law, & Chris Hatchett for making all of this possible.



Pay it Forward


When you get this one-of-a-kind key necklace, you must give it away @ some point, to a person who you feel needs the message/word that’s on there.

Then come back here or TheGivingKeys.com & write us the story.”

The Giving Keys is ALL ABOUT  “Spreading Hope & Love through fashion… while making someone’s day…”, and so am I!!!!!  Altar’d State is where I found these necklaces.

I plan to take THIS necklace to the Help-Portrait Event Saturday – 12.08.12 – and let God show me who needs this word, I’m super excited to Pay it 4ward.



Urban Sights

Urban sights from my morning bike ride.


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