A long time dream of mine

It had been a long time dream of mine to do a photo-shoot HERE.



So we drove through the “OPEN” gate and headed down to the EXACTLY place I had been dreaming of for months.

We began our shoot and all was going well AND THEN my assistant said “I bet they lock the gates at dusk, just keep that in mind” & I said “ok, let me just start wrapping this up and THX for the heads-up.”


So when we drove up to the gate, we saw THIS.



We were STUCK inside my “dream location”. It was ‘touch & go’ to get OUT of there, because it was THEN that we saw signs like NO TRESPASSING, and other words like that …

We saw a VERY NARROW passage between a tree and a guard rail and with much prayer and perseverance we made it OUT.

We left with the shot we went in there for.  : )

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