Dr. Oz

REALLY enjoyed meeting Dr. Oz at Cowboys Stadium recently.  He is so passionate about helping people – AMAZING opportunity.

Dr Oz

To read MORE about that event – ck out THIS link.


Home sweet home – what does that mean to you?

I am SO GLAD I kept it …

To find out what the world I kept, read the link below.  ; )

Home sweet home – what does that mean to you?.



the making of …

Here is a follow-up blog about the making of my January 2013 Promo Piece.

[below is the previous blog about going to Strawn Texas]



THIS is my January 2013 Promo Piece.

January 2013 Promo Piece



Lighting Diagram of The Robinson School House:

lighting diagram


My Nikon D4 settings were: ISO 50, f/2 & 1/160 with a 35mm lens.

Outside was one of my assistants holding the light so that the wind wouldn’t blow it over.  ; )

It was a cold grey day, and I wanted to emulate afternoon light, so I used 2 full CTO (orange) gels on a dynalite (jack rabbit) (at half power out of 400 watts), powered by a Vagabond Mini Lithium.

Inside, I used a medium softbox with a velcro grid to control my main light (dynalite – jack rabbit) (at 1/8th power out of 400 watts) – with another Vagabond Mini Lithium.

Side note:  I often have to use ND filters even though these 400 watt lights can be dialed down to 1/8th power.

We had lunch at Mary’s Cafe and arrived at the school house around 2pm.  A little over an hour later we were done and ready to head back east.

Already planning my NEXT Promo Piece.


Was on an assignment today to photograph businessmen.

They were told to bring selections to “change it up”, like ties and suit coats.

HERE is the pile-o-ties they went to when they wanted to “mix it up”.



Did a quick camera test with the AMAZING Nikon D800.  I wanted to shoot a high ISO and compare it to my Nikon D4.

I am looking to invest in THIS camera and wanted to make my final decisions by testing the ISO.  Shot video with it on a recent assignment and LOVED the results.

I was able to match to colors relatively close.

johnbrooks & I went on the roof top of Southside on Lamar and braved the cold ALL for the sake of gaining knowledge.


These were shot with the D800, 35mm lens.

f/2, 1/125 and ISO 5000




THIS was shot at f/1.8, 1/125 and ISO 5000.

Lit with the flash light app on my iphone 5




It passed my test.  The D800 will make for a GREAT companion to my D4.

A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!

A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!.

A Great Couple

Getting ready to shoot an out of town assignment with THIS great couple!!!

The D800/D4 combo.

THE D800/D4 combo


Shooting Life-Style portraits PLUS video for a really cool campaign … SUPER excited about 2013!

2013 = EPIC.

2013 + Video

2013 is the year that I am adding video to the services I provide.

I have always had that plan in the back of my mind, but nothing was very defined until NOW.

I have a life-style/video shoot THIS weekend so I am getting all my gear prepped and ready.

Video gear listed:

* Nikon D4 & D600

* 2 Sennheiser mics – ew 100 G2

* Audio Technica AT 897 shot gun mic with Sennheiser SKP 100 G2 brick

* Rycote Hot Shoe Extension Bar

* BeachTek DXA-5Da (attaches to bottom of camera with 2 XLR adaptors)

* Sony Professional head phones – MDR-7506

* 7″ Widescreen monitor – with batteries

* MacBook Pro for tethering with Aperture & 15′ cable

* Starlite QL with 1000 watt bulb & a rheostat – I use a 1/2 CTB (blue) gel to convert tungsten to daylight

* Medium SilverDome nxt – for hot lights (and a small one too)

* Arri 650 Tungsten Fresnel – WITH GLOVES   ; )

* Ianebeam Redhead 1000


Doctors or Lawyers?

I recently shot an assignment for Texas Health Physicians Group – Texas Spine, Orthopedics & Rehabilitation in Denton.

They wanted me to photograph the Doctors & PAs in their library, so after I set everything up and was about ready to shoot, I showed them THIS …



The Doctors all started laughing and said “Are WE Doctor or Lawyers??!!??”

I had such a GRAND time with this group that I began to think … ‘WHAT could I do to myself so that one of them could be MY Doctor?!?!?’

After much contemplation, I decided that the experience of photographing them was enough for me.  ; )

Black & White Polaroid

I FINALLY got to take another “black & white polaroid” portrait with my Mamiya RB 67.



I had been wanting to do this since we moved in [to South Side on Lamar] back in mid November.

I pulled out my Light Meter app on my iphone and HERE is what we got.


I scanned it, did a small amount of touch ups, and mission accomplished.

The polaroid speed is 3000, shot at f/4.0 @ 1/60th (cloudy day), with a 150mm lens.