2013 + Video

2013 is the year that I am adding video to the services I provide.

I have always had that plan in the back of my mind, but nothing was very defined until NOW.

I have a life-style/video shoot THIS weekend so I am getting all my gear prepped and ready.

Video gear listed:

* Nikon D4 & D600

* 2 Sennheiser mics – ew 100 G2

* Audio Technica AT 897 shot gun mic with Sennheiser SKP 100 G2 brick

* Rycote Hot Shoe Extension Bar

* BeachTek DXA-5Da (attaches to bottom of camera with 2 XLR adaptors)

* Sony Professional head phones – MDR-7506

* 7″ Widescreen monitor – with batteries

* MacBook Pro for tethering with Aperture & 15′ cable

* Starlite QL with 1000 watt bulb & a rheostat – I use a 1/2 CTB (blue) gel to convert tungsten to daylight

* Medium SilverDome nxt – for hot lights (and a small one too)

* Arri 650 Tungsten Fresnel – WITH GLOVES   ; )

* Ianebeam Redhead 1000


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