Did a quick camera test with the AMAZING Nikon D800.  I wanted to shoot a high ISO and compare it to my Nikon D4.

I am looking to invest in THIS camera and wanted to make my final decisions by testing the ISO.  Shot video with it on a recent assignment and LOVED the results.

I was able to match to colors relatively close.

johnbrooks & I went on the roof top of Southside on Lamar and braved the cold ALL for the sake of gaining knowledge.


These were shot with the D800, 35mm lens.

f/2, 1/125 and ISO 5000




THIS was shot at f/1.8, 1/125 and ISO 5000.

Lit with the flash light app on my iphone 5




It passed my test.  The D800 will make for a GREAT companion to my D4.

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