the making of …

Here is a follow-up blog about the making of my January 2013 Promo Piece.

[below is the previous blog about going to Strawn Texas]


THIS is my January 2013 Promo Piece.

January 2013 Promo Piece



Lighting Diagram of The Robinson School House:

lighting diagram


My Nikon D4 settings were: ISO 50, f/2 & 1/160 with a 35mm lens.

Outside was one of my assistants holding the light so that the wind wouldn’t blow it over.  ; )

It was a cold grey day, and I wanted to emulate afternoon light, so I used 2 full CTO (orange) gels on a dynalite (jack rabbit) (at half power out of 400 watts), powered by a Vagabond Mini Lithium.

Inside, I used a medium softbox with a velcro grid to control my main light (dynalite – jack rabbit) (at 1/8th power out of 400 watts) – with another Vagabond Mini Lithium.

Side note:  I often have to use ND filters even though these 400 watt lights can be dialed down to 1/8th power.

We had lunch at Mary’s Cafe and arrived at the school house around 2pm.  A little over an hour later we were done and ready to head back east.

Already planning my NEXT Promo Piece.

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