inspired by “some places”

I recently went to a Polaroid Gallery show in Commerce Texas called ‘Some Places‘ at A Space in downtown Commerce.

My friends and I took off one afternoon for an adventure including stopping by cool locations along the way for inspiration before arriving to the gallery show.

Next to A Space was an AMAZING asian food restaurant, which is where we enjoyed dinner together.

Was so INSPIRED by Tyler Blake Tyndell’s show that I went out and purchased the Polaroid ProPack.

Really wanting to do a series of  photographing strangers with polaroid film.

polaroid camera


i have recently been INSPIRED by kym skiles of f8 studio on instagram (@f8kym) to start a series of slow shutter images via my iphone …

the settings that i have found most successful (for me) are:

capture mode – automatic

shutter speed – 0.5

i have LOVED using several other iphone apps with this one.

* camera+




just staying creative.


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iHEART Austin

I had forgotten how much iHEART Austin until I saw THIS moment.

GEESH,  Austin is AMAZING & so are the cupcakes.

iHEART Austin

This pic was taken with my Sony Nex camera 5N /30mm fixed sigma lens.


NEW D800 & me


A M A Z I N G camera here.


D800, 50mm lens, natural light (South Side on Lamar), ISO 1250, f /2.5, 1/2000

From the Paint the Moon set Luminosity – The Essence, Organic (action).

About to go out with friends and you better believe THE D800 is going with me!!!

… stay tuned …