From ‘lemons’ to LEMONADE

I take a lot of portraits of doctors and usually have the opportunity of utilizing some unique aspect of their facility until lately.
The last couple times I have gone out for these portraits I have had to use their hallways … which is usually a challenge – UNTIL I changed my mindset to “From Lemons to Lemonade”.
Here is what we ended-up doing (documented with iphone pix):

Seen here is the hallway with our main light in a doorway and our kicker light in the other doorway.

Here is a better shot of our main light, which we used to bounce off the opposite wall.
We used a grid as well as scrim for a little MORE diffusion.

This angle is from my perspective looking down the hallway, so YOU could see exactly how narrow our “set” is.
From this perspective, you can see the wall I am using as a “bounce”, as well as our kicker light and the background light.
The tape mark on the floor is for the doctor’s positioning.
My assistant [Paul] is in the shot for scale.  ; )

This perspective if from the back wall looking toward where the main light is.
The kicker light has a 1/2 CTO gel to add a little ‘warm’ sparkle.

Here is our end result.  See how we were able to go from ‘lemons’ to LEMONADE?!
Shot with the Nikon D800 and a 70-200mm lens.

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