Today has been 1 of those days
Today has been one of those days.


For the LOVE of Clayton

John and I LOVE English Springer Spaniels and have been involved with the ESRA [English Springer Rescue America] for quite a few years now.  We recently saw a post on facebook about a springer in San Angelo that needed critical care.  He was flown to Dallas by Pilots N Paws and RUSHED to Center for Veterinary Specialty Care where Dr. Lisa Thompson began bringing LIFE to his weak little body.

To follow Clayton’s story and to give a donation, click on this link:

We have been so moved by this little guy’s story, we just HAD to go see him.
Clayton the rescued English Springer Spaniel

When we arrived, he already had a couple of visitors, so we waited with great anticipation on the lobby.
Upon him seeing us, his little tail began to wag briefly, and he attempted to lift his paw into my hand.
Clayton at Center for Veterinary  Specialty Care

He is still pretty weak but is making AMAZING progress.  He actually wagged his little tail twice while we were there.
Mr. Clayton, the RESCUED English Springer Spaniel

Dr. Lisa Thompson promised to post his progress on facebook, so HERE is a recent picture of Clayton where he looks a little more lively.
Clayton the RESCUED English Springer Spaniel

Please consider a donation to Clayton’s recovery fund:


Gearing Up

Getting geared up in 2014 with video.
Pictured here is my Nikon D800, TelePrompterBeachTek, 7″ video monitor & Konova Slider.

Nikon D800 with ProPrompter & BeachTek on a Konova K2 slider
Looking forward to continuing to enchant my clients.

Balancing Blue Light

Recently I did a portrait of a doctor in Denton TX and when we arrived to the location I noticed the glass in the hallway (where we wanted to shoot), was tinted slightly blue.
I realized that the color temperature of my strobe was around 5200K (all lighting manufacturers aim for 5200K daylight balance).  I needed to be closer to somewhere around 3200K – 3300K.
So, what I decided to do was gel the strobes to match the the light coming in the window.  I used an 1/8 CTB on the main light as well as the kicker light.  Once I had the colors balanced between my main light and the ambient light, I realized that the main light was being effected by the ambient light.  The next thing I needed to do was to put up a 6×6 scrim to knock down the amount of ambient light coming in (we just taped it to the glass).  To have more control over all the ambient light coming in, we added a black 6×6 over about 1/2 of the other scrim we had already taped up.  Now, the key light for this portrait was looking much more like I wanted it to look.

Finally,we ended up having to use a gobo to flag off some unwanted light that was spilling in on the doctor.  NOTE: the 3rd light we used was just to add more light towards the end of the hallway. Since the lighting towards the information desk was warmer, we didn’t use a gel. Instead, we just used a reflector, pointed the light towards the ceiling and let it add a little more natural looking lighting.  I also used a reflector (next to the doctor) to bounce light back around him.

Texas Health Resources Denton Texas, Production still,

By the way, I like to shoot directly to iPad for on-site proofing.
I use CamRanger and also use Shutter Snitch coupled with the Eye-Fi card.  That enabled the doctor to choose his preferred images.

From the entire shoot, THIS was his ‘favorite’ shot.  Photo was taken with my D800 and a 135mm lens.  [ISO 500 | f5.6 | 1/250].
Texas Health Resources, Dr. Shane Ashford,
And THIS is how I balanced blue lights.


Counting Cranes

I, too, have been counting cranes.  In my travels, I have become very aware of all the cranes being used in constructing buildings & thought it interesting.

Here is an article I found that might interest you as well.

Quoting Jason Mraz:
“… it takes a crane to build a crane | it takes two floors to make a story …”

Seen at The Shops of Legacy area.

Seen in Uptown.
This crane was seen in Uptown