He’s pure Sunshine

Every time I am with THIS GUY, he is nothing but pure Sunshine.
He inspires me to see the very best in any and every situation.
This was us about to take a little drive to a local park.
I’m pretty sure he is going to be a world-changer.

boy looking out the car window

Roxie LOVES goats

I recently met DELIGHTFUL Roxie and these 2 little precious goats.  It was here that I discovered her LOVE for goats and living life to the fullest.  They had a little corral at the ATT Stadium for their goats and there was a steady stream of people coming by to adore these 2 beautiful creatures.

Piper is the brown one and Poppy is the white one.

Roxie Banker and her 2 baby goats

To find out MORE about Roxie and her goats be sure and check out their website.