iWANT My Keys Back

Whoa My Goodness, so CHECK THIS OUT …..
my dear friend, dianeshepherd ‘lost’ some important keys several days ago & asked me to PRAY that they would return – so i texted her a prayer COMMANDING the keys to appear & return, so when i saw her yesterday for church, i asked IF her keys were back in her possession & she said NO, not yet ….

i said wasn’t that BillJohnsoni want my knife back” testimony AMAZING?!?!
and she said YES it was ….

so while we are driving she declares
I WANT MY KEYS BACK!!!!!!!! and i said “AMEN” – – she said, “think i should check my purse again?!?!?!” ┬álike DUH!!!!!! YEA!!!!!

she screamed the loudest shriek i have ever heard from her … THE KEYS WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!
God LOVES lost things/people to be FOUND!!!!
i never know exactly HOW God will do “it” – i just KNOW that He will!!!!!

iWANT My Keys Back
Photo taken at our FAVORITE restaurant in Southlake Texas, Malai Kitchen.