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Sheltering In Place 2020

Well HOWDY from the Government District of downtown Dallas during
covid19 + Shelter In Place.
Here is shown a SNAP SHOT of the week I had with my Tribes
which was the HIGHLIGHT(S) of my day(s).

Just wanted to share.

Amazing local realtor

The down-to-earth real estate guy.


This guy is selling houses like crazy and helping so many people in the process http://www.jbtherealtor.com


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Home sweet home – what does that mean to you?

I am SO GLAD I kept it …

To find out what the world I kept, read the link below.  ; )

Home sweet home – what does that mean to you?.



A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!

A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!.

Real or faux? A model home adventure…

a GREAT read here!!!!!

JB's blog

Real or faux?  A model home adventure...

While touring some model homes in the Marine Creek area of NW Fort Worth on Friday, I came across the best-looking faux asian food I’ve EVER seen! Here’s a photo of this wok extraordinaire. Gotta love home shopping, huh?

For more info about Marine Creek Ranch, visit their HOA page. Several home builders are positioned there, including Cheldan Homes, First Texas Homes, and Plantation Homes.

Have an awesome day, and don’t eat any faux food, please. 😉


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