a NEW normal

Sheltering In Place 2020

Well HOWDY from the Government District of downtown Dallas during
covid19 + Shelter In Place.
Here is shown a SNAP SHOT of the week I had with my Tribes
which was the HIGHLIGHT(S) of my day(s).

Just wanted to share.

iWANT My Keys Back

Whoa My Goodness, so CHECK THIS OUT …..
my dear friend, dianeshepherd ‘lost’ some important keys several days ago & asked me to PRAY that they would return – so i texted her a prayer COMMANDING the keys to appear & return, so when i saw her yesterday for church, i asked IF her keys were back in her possession & she said NO, not yet ….

i said wasn’t that BillJohnsoni want my knife back” testimony AMAZING?!?!
and she said YES it was ….

so while we are driving she declares
I WANT MY KEYS BACK!!!!!!!! and i said “AMEN” – – she said, “think i should check my purse again?!?!?!”  like DUH!!!!!! YEA!!!!!

she screamed the loudest shriek i have ever heard from her … THE KEYS WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!
God LOVES lost things/people to be FOUND!!!!
i never know exactly HOW God will do “it” – i just KNOW that He will!!!!!

iWANT My Keys Back
Photo taken at our FAVORITE restaurant in Southlake Texas, Malai Kitchen.


When “FOCUS” is Critical

The University of North Texas is one of my clients and last year I had the honor of doing step and repeat pix of people with Mayor Rudy Giuliani in downtown Dallas.  At the end of the shoot, Mayor Giuliani said (to me) he ALWAYS likes to get/give a picture with the photographer (and photo assistant) , so I proceeded to hand my camera over into the “trusted hands” of his body guard and gave him brief instructions about composition and most importantly, how to FOCUS.  His body guard took two pictures and Mayor Giuliani said (to me) “just double check to make sure you are pleased with the pictures” …. I took a look at them and saw THIS … and didn’t have the heart to tell him how out of focus they were.  He said “… are WE good?!”   I said “…they look GREAT!!”  He said “Are you SURE?!” I said “Yes Sir, we are done with the picture-taking part of your meeting here …”

I believe life is all about making memories and not sweating the small stuff – even when you are standing right next to someone like Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  ; )

“Make It A Great Day!”

Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Dallas Texas

Pies, Coffee and Thankfulness

So, this morning we were waiting in (a first-come, first-serve) line to pick up our Thanksgiving pies … (which we forgot to pre-order).  We LOVE Emporium Pies in Bishop Arts, and are huge fans of them. However, in the busy-ness of life, it slipped our mind this year to order early.  We arrived about an hour before they opened and enjoyed the AMAZING aroma coming from Moto Kofe, who was on the scene.  It began to drizzle, but that didn’t scare us off. We persevered and left with our 3 holiday pies, Smooth Operator (gluten-free), Smooth Operator & Drunken Nut.  Our Thanksgiving tradition is now complete.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We LOVED the snow

Had the most wonderful morning with our fur-babies.  We were so surprised to wake up and see such beauty.
Here are just a few pix from our wintery excursion.  I would definitely say we LOVED the snow.
By the way, Lucy chose to look away the entire time.  ; )


I recently spent some quality time with a VERY dear friend of mine, Brian Dougher.  We started out at Buon Giorno Coffee in Grapevine & continued our conversation at So-Cal Tacos.  He KNOWS how much iLOVE tacos, so we decided to have lunch there.  I had never been there before & was eager to try them out. The lady at the register helped me pick the PERFECT combination.  I had 1 chicken, 1 pork & 1 steak … & all natural light.  ; )

CANNOT WAIT to go back.  See for yourself.  #eatsocaltocos

So-Cal Tacos

Be Strong and Courageous

Saw these signs all over Highland Park and thought to myself … My God Reigns.
Joshua 1:9, Be strong and courageous

Man and his Best Friend(s)

Seen near South Side on Lamar Lofts.  
Man and his Best Friend(s).

A Splash of Color

On a recent grey day THIS was the only splash of color I saw.  ; )
www.aggiebrooks.com, a splash of color

Today has been 1 of those days

Today has been one of those days.