Finding Owen

I was recently visiting my brother & from a far, I could hear my little nephew’s voice … so I ventured out into the great unknown.
Owen was beyond delighted that I found him, so I decided to call this Finding Owen., finding owen


A Cowboy and his Barn

A Cowboy and his Barn.  Stranger #49.

Black & White Polaroid

I FINALLY got to take another “black & white polaroid” portrait with my Mamiya RB 67.



I had been wanting to do this since we moved in [to South Side on Lamar] back in mid November.

I pulled out my Light Meter app on my iphone and HERE is what we got.


I scanned it, did a small amount of touch ups, and mission accomplished.

The polaroid speed is 3000, shot at f/4.0 @ 1/60th (cloudy day), with a 150mm lens.