Urban Excursion

We decided to head out one afternoon to the DART rail and try a NEW place for lunch.
Mama Faye’s BBQ was suggested to us by our post master, so off we went.
Along the way, I decided to take pix of John Brooks to tell our Urban Excursion story.
Had the BEST day.

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23 photos over 44 years

In 1968, over the Thanksgiving holidays, Rosemary gathered her family and said let’s go get family pictures taken.

They went to NorthPark Mall and had Olan Mills take their pictures.

So that day, they decided to start a family tradition of taking “family pictures” every ‘other’ year.

On 12.22.12, I had the privileged of being their photographer for #23 out of 44 years.  2 years ago, I was added to their tradition.

I have been so touched by this family’s dedication to a tradition.  WOW.




We set up at Man Bites Dog Studios and let the fun begin.



Then we decided on the “awkward” smiles.



And finally ended up with Darren “dominating” because we had to put him on an apple box to make all the heights work out.

Thankfully his shorts were hidden behind everybody.



We spent the rest of the afternoon having a blast with this FUN group of people … as YOU might imagine.



our HAPPY place

We woke up this morning in our HAPPY PLACE, all 4 of us.

A HUGE THX to everyone that was a part in helping us get moved and settled in.

I had a shoot this morning in North Dallas and it only took me 20 minutes to get there INSTEAD of 1.5 hours — GLORY!!!


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