We LOVED the snow

Had the most wonderful morning with our fur-babies.  We were so surprised to wake up and see such beauty.
Here are just a few pix from our wintery excursion.  I would definitely say we LOVED the snow.
By the way, Lucy chose to look away the entire time.  ; )

Man and his Best Friend(s)

Seen near South Side on Lamar Lofts.  
Man and his Best Friend(s).

Today has been 1 of those days

Today has been one of those days.


For the LOVE of Clayton

John and I LOVE English Springer Spaniels and have been involved with the ESRA [English Springer Rescue America] for quite a few years now.  We recently saw a post on facebook about a springer in San Angelo that needed critical care.  He was flown to Dallas by Pilots N Paws and RUSHED to Center for Veterinary Specialty Care where Dr. Lisa Thompson began bringing LIFE to his weak little body.

To follow Clayton’s story and to give a donation, click on this link:  http://springerrescue.org/sponsor/specialneeds/clayton.html

We have been so moved by this little guy’s story, we just HAD to go see him.
Clayton the rescued English Springer Spaniel

When we arrived, he already had a couple of visitors, so we waited with great anticipation on the lobby.
Upon him seeing us, his little tail began to wag briefly, and he attempted to lift his paw into my hand.
Clayton at Center for Veterinary  Specialty Care

He is still pretty weak but is making AMAZING progress.  He actually wagged his little tail twice while we were there.
Mr. Clayton, the RESCUED English Springer Spaniel

Dr. Lisa Thompson promised to post his progress on facebook, so HERE is a recent picture of Clayton where he looks a little more lively.
Clayton the RESCUED English Springer Spaniel

Please consider a donation to Clayton’s recovery fund:  http://springerrescue.org/donate/donation.html


Hoggin’ all the toys

JohnBrooks got THESE great new toys for Swayze & Lucy …. but Swayze keeps hoggin’ all the toys … both in his mouth.

GEESH!!!  Won’t you pwease share.  ; )

Swayze & Toys

Cream O’ the Crop

Our fur babies JUST got new squeaky toys [Kong Air Dog Interactive Tennis Fetch Toy] and JohnBrooks immediately headed out to the dog park with them and THIS was the picture he came back with … he called it the Cream O’ the Crop … and iAGREE!!!!

We’ve become Loft-Dwellers

The living is GOOD at South Side on Lamar – we’ve become Loft-Dwellers.

We are settling in slowly but surely.  The community is AMAZING here and the culture has caused John & I to realize that WE need new threads at our new digs.

mans BEST friend(s)

Lucy & Swayze waiting patiently.

Truly mans BEST friend(s).

lucy + swayze