Counting Cranes

I, too, have been counting cranes.  In my travels, I have become very aware of all the cranes being used in constructing buildings & thought it interesting.

Here is an article I found that might interest you as well.

Quoting Jason Mraz:
“… it takes a crane to build a crane | it takes two floors to make a story …”

Seen at The Shops of Legacy area.

Seen in Uptown.
This crane was seen in Uptown

Silent Rails

One of my FAVORITE things about living an Urban Life-Style is the sounds of the city.
The DART light rail system has been closed since early Friday morning (12.06.13) due to the 2013 ice storm.

These silent rails have been an eerie feeling but the adding of the extra buses has made up for it.

DART light rail is closed.

Check out my abfalleimer

Abfalleimer is German for trash can.

I have been on a quest for a cool barrel of some sort for our loft dwelling for quite some time.

While out in East Texas, we stumbled upon Caspar & Gerard’s Antiques.

THERE is where I found my AMAZING German trash can.  I couldn’t imagine ANYTHING more perfect.



i have recently been INSPIRED by kym skiles of f8 studio on instagram (@f8kym) to start a series of slow shutter images via my iphone …

the settings that i have found most successful (for me) are:

capture mode – automatic

shutter speed – 0.5

i have LOVED using several other iphone apps with this one.

* camera+




just staying creative.


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Black & White Polaroid

I FINALLY got to take another “black & white polaroid” portrait with my Mamiya RB 67.



I had been wanting to do this since we moved in [to South Side on Lamar] back in mid November.

I pulled out my Light Meter app on my iphone and HERE is what we got.


I scanned it, did a small amount of touch ups, and mission accomplished.

The polaroid speed is 3000, shot at f/4.0 @ 1/60th (cloudy day), with a 150mm lens.

2013 Promo Piece in the making

Here are behind the scenes pix of my 2013 promo piece in the making.

This is where I picked up the key for our location where we were shooting, welcome to Strawn Texas:


The entrance to the Robinson School House:


My crew:


JUST finished our shoot, my crew with THE talent:


Returning the key 2 hours later:

Looking forward to mailing  my 2013 Promo Piece January 1, 2013.

Urban Sights

Urban sights from my morning bike ride.


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Hoggin’ all the toys

JohnBrooks got THESE great new toys for Swayze & Lucy …. but Swayze keeps hoggin’ all the toys … both in his mouth.

GEESH!!!  Won’t you pwease share.  ; )

Swayze & Toys

Cream O’ the Crop

Our fur babies JUST got new squeaky toys [Kong Air Dog Interactive Tennis Fetch Toy] and JohnBrooks immediately headed out to the dog park with them and THIS was the picture he came back with … he called it the Cream O’ the Crop … and iAGREE!!!!


Last night JohnBrooks grabbed a hamburger from Kincaid’s in FW after working so hard to get us moved out of our house on Red Bluff Lane.

So when they said “RICK!!!  Your order is ready!!!!”  he had to remember that he was Rick with Dover Elevators.

iLOVE him.