Another shooting in a movie theater

I recently had another shooting [assignment] in a movie theater!  THIS event was a premiere video showing for an exclusive group of people.

As you can see, it was DARK – so HERE is my shot the dark.  ; )  The whole reason I purchased THE Nikon D4!!!!

Image shot with my 14-24mm @14, f/2.8, shutter at 1/15 … and 10000 ISO.

HECK YES!!!!!!!

celebrate schools

I had the most AMAZING time today shooting an assignment for Stonebriar Centre in Frisco Texas.

The event was called Celebrate Schools.  Stonebriar Centre was hosting a weekend pep rally where area schools showcased their best, raised funds and awareness for their schools and celebrated the school/community partnership.

Check out the FUN we had!!!

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i am ALWAYS on a quest for finding fresh, NEW locations, so we headed west.

I had heard that if you even THINK about “breaking in” at the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells TX – ‘they’ will take you to jail … NO QUESTIONS asked.

It said KEEP OUT, so I did.

The Baker Hotel

kickin it OLD SCHOOL with “contact sheets” via Lr

if you dont already use Lr – i HIGHLY recommend it.

ck out how you can create contact sheets in lightroom.

i use Lr3 to create web galleries for all my clients – you can customize it how ever you would like and most of all, its EASY!!!!!