Life’s Simple Pleasures

Enjoying life’s simple pleasures.
Tulips on a table,


Did a quick camera test with the AMAZING Nikon D800.  I wanted to shoot a high ISO and compare it to my Nikon D4.

I am looking to invest in THIS camera and wanted to make my final decisions by testing the ISO.  Shot video with it on a recent assignment and LOVED the results.

I was able to match to colors relatively close.

johnbrooks & I went on the roof top of Southside on Lamar and braved the cold ALL for the sake of gaining knowledge.


These were shot with the D800, 35mm lens.

f/2, 1/125 and ISO 5000




THIS was shot at f/1.8, 1/125 and ISO 5000.

Lit with the flash light app on my iphone 5




It passed my test.  The D800 will make for a GREAT companion to my D4.

2013 + Video

2013 is the year that I am adding video to the services I provide.

I have always had that plan in the back of my mind, but nothing was very defined until NOW.

I have a life-style/video shoot THIS weekend so I am getting all my gear prepped and ready.

Video gear listed:

* Nikon D4 & D600

* 2 Sennheiser mics – ew 100 G2

* Audio Technica AT 897 shot gun mic with Sennheiser SKP 100 G2 brick

* Rycote Hot Shoe Extension Bar

* BeachTek DXA-5Da (attaches to bottom of camera with 2 XLR adaptors)

* Sony Professional head phones – MDR-7506

* 7″ Widescreen monitor – with batteries

* MacBook Pro for tethering with Aperture & 15′ cable

* Starlite QL with 1000 watt bulb & a rheostat – I use a 1/2 CTB (blue) gel to convert tungsten to daylight

* Medium SilverDome nxt – for hot lights (and a small one too)

* Arri 650 Tungsten Fresnel – WITH GLOVES   ; )

* Ianebeam Redhead 1000


Another shooting in a movie theater

I recently had another shooting [assignment] in a movie theater!  THIS event was a premiere video showing for an exclusive group of people.

As you can see, it was DARK – so HERE is my shot the dark.  ; )  The whole reason I purchased THE Nikon D4!!!!

Image shot with my 14-24mm @14, f/2.8, shutter at 1/15 … and 10000 ISO.

HECK YES!!!!!!!

my NEW “favorite-thing”

One of the NEW features of the Nikon D4 that I was REALLY looking forward to was the face-detection 3D tracking.

So once my D4 arrived, several months ago, I INSTANTLY took my camera (and husband) out to put it to the test!!!  I put on my 35mm 1.4 lens and asked John to run around the yard like a wild man and as you might guess … he did.  The image of  John was shot at 1.4.  The GREAT thing about this feature is that it is so quick to get to!!  I don’t even have to take the camera away from my eye or composition.

The focus-mode selector is on the lower left, by where the lens mounts and the other focusing adjustments are simply dialed in by using the main command dial (back dial) to get into AF C, THEN use the sub-command dial (front dial) for getting into the 3-D mode.   THIS feature has changed so many things for me and the approach I take on certain situations now.

HAPPY 3-D tracking to YOU!!!!