Man and his Best Friend(s)

Seen near South Side on Lamar Lofts.  
Man and his Best Friend(s).

A Splash of Color

On a recent grey day THIS was the only splash of color I saw.  ; ), a splash of color

Today has been 1 of those days
Today has been one of those days.


Gearing Up

Getting geared up in 2014 with video.
Pictured here is my Nikon D800, TelePrompterBeachTek, 7″ video monitor & Konova Slider.

Nikon D800 with ProPrompter & BeachTek on a Konova K2 slider
Looking forward to continuing to enchant my clients.

Silent Rails

One of my FAVORITE things about living an Urban Life-Style is the sounds of the city.
The DART light rail system has been closed since early Friday morning (12.06.13) due to the 2013 ice storm.

These silent rails have been an eerie feeling but the adding of the extra buses has made up for it.

DART light rail is closed.

Urban Excursion

We decided to head out one afternoon to the DART rail and try a NEW place for lunch.
Mama Faye’s BBQ was suggested to us by our post master, so off we went.
Along the way, I decided to take pix of John Brooks to tell our Urban Excursion story.
Had the BEST day.

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1 Take Portraits

I am apart of a creative group called The Collective.  Over the weekend we had a black & white film processing workshop.

I chose to take black & white polaroids of everyone with their film cameras. This is a collection of “1 Take Portraits”.

I used FP-3000B instant black & white film and lit them using an IANEBEAM 1000 constant light.

The Collective is a GREAT community of artists.

create. connect. inspire.

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NEW D800 & me


A M A Z I N G camera here.


D800, 50mm lens, natural light (South Side on Lamar), ISO 1250, f /2.5, 1/2000

From the Paint the Moon set Luminosity – The Essence, Organic (action).

About to go out with friends and you better believe THE D800 is going with me!!!

… stay tuned …




Did a quick camera test with the AMAZING Nikon D800.  I wanted to shoot a high ISO and compare it to my Nikon D4.

I am looking to invest in THIS camera and wanted to make my final decisions by testing the ISO.  Shot video with it on a recent assignment and LOVED the results.

I was able to match to colors relatively close.

johnbrooks & I went on the roof top of Southside on Lamar and braved the cold ALL for the sake of gaining knowledge.


These were shot with the D800, 35mm lens.

f/2, 1/125 and ISO 5000




THIS was shot at f/1.8, 1/125 and ISO 5000.

Lit with the flash light app on my iphone 5




It passed my test.  The D800 will make for a GREAT companion to my D4.

A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!

A fire was spotted in my house (which actually made my day)!.